BIG MOUNT (6lbs)


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The revolutionary CSL BIG MOUNT GAINER is a high-carbohydrate formula designed specifically for dedicated bodybuilders. This special mixture aids them in achieving their objective of significant gains.
One level scoop (100g) of CSL BIG MOUNT GAINER Chocolate provides you with 75g of carbohydrates and 15g of protein, which provide your muscles with a steady supply of calories.


15 grams of protein per serving: CSL BIG MOUNT GAINER Chocolate has 15 grams of protein in each serving (100 grams, or one level scoop), which aids in increasing muscle mass and size.

CSL BIG MOUNT GAINER is a fantastic combination of fast-acting and slow-acting proteins that helps professional bodybuilders achieve their objective of gaining muscle.
Quickly repairing muscles after exercise is aided by Whey protein, a fast-acting protein.
After consuming it for two to three hours, casein, a slow-acting protein, releases amino acids and makes them more readily available in your body for an extended amount of time.

75g of simple and complex carbohydrates are included in each serving of CSL BIG MOUNT GAINER Chocolate. This mixture increases exercise intensity and helps to maximize glycogen levels.

Fortified with 27 vitamins and minerals: The body needs vitamins and minerals as micronutrients.
27 essential vitamins and minerals are included in CSL BIG MOUNT GAINER, which helps bodybuilders maintain high energy levels, improve immunity, and intensify their workouts.

No added sugar or trans fats: CSL BIG MOUNT GAINER is free of added sugar and trans fats and provides athletes with clean, pure nutrition to support their training and improve their bodybuilding.


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