Monster Mass Gainer (2.7kg, 27 Serving)




CSL’s Monster Mass Gainer is a great supplement for people looking to gain healthy weight, gain muscle mass, and boost their strength.
It is an excellent supplement for anyone serious about reaching their fitness objectives because of its precise ratio of proteins, carbs, dietary fiber, and healthy fats, along with other vitamins.
Monster Mass Gainer’s combination of proteins and carbs aids in supplying the nutrients required for muscular building.
Dietary fiber supports a healthy digestive system, while healthy fats give the body the energy it needs for strenuous exercise.
Monster Mass Gainer’s tasty flavors make it simple to eat regularly, and its high nutritional content makes it a great option for keeping your health in check.
For that reason, Monster Mass Gainer from CSL is a supplement worth trying if you’re seeking anything of a high caliber to help you reach your fitness objectives.
With Monster Mass Gainer, you may achieve the size and strength you need to achieve your goals.

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Chocolate, Kesar kulfi


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